Application for IAAC Literary Festival 2023

(The application is incomplete unless we receive two copies of the book.)

Please note that you will not be able to save this form. You need to complete this form in one sitting. It is recommended that you draft your answers in a separate document, and then enter them on this form in one sitting.

Rules and Prerequisites:

  • IAAC strongly discourages selected participants from having readings in New York City three months prior to the literary festival and/or immediately preceding the festival.
  • The authors and poets will receive an honorarium.
  • Only books published or in preview between 2022, 2023 and early 2024 will be considered.
  • No self-published works will be considered.
  • We do not provide US visas for the participants.
  • Authors of fiction, nonfiction and poetry from India, the Indian subcontinent and the diaspora are welcome. We also invite works that relate to India and Indian cultures by authors of any background.
  • Our submissions are open from April 10 2023 to June 15 2023.
  • Two copies of the book are to be sent to the following address for consideration:
    Indo-American Arts Council Inc., 303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1007, New York, NY 10016.
    Alternately, the kindle version can be sent to

If you have questions about this form, you may contact us via email

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  • Please use English characters only