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The Way Home - (Veettilekulla Vazhi)

Saturday, May 7, 2011, Tribeca Theater 1, 3.00 pm,
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The Way Home - (Veettilekulla Vazhi)
Directed by Dr Biju Kumar
India, 2010, 95 minutes, Malayalam (with English subtitles) US Premiere
Cast- Prithviraj, Indrajith, Govardhan

The plot for ‘The Way Home’ revolves around a doctor with a haunting past. He witnessed his wife and five year old son die in an explosion at a market in Delhi. Now working at a Prison Hospital, the Doctor is assigned the case of a woman in critical condition, a surviving member from a suicide squad of the Indian Jihadi the notorious terrorist group. Despite the doctor’s best efforts, the woman dies. But before dying she entrusts him to find her five-year-old son and unite him with his father. The father is revealed to be Abdul Zuban Tariq, head of the terrorist group. Finding the boy in Kerala, the Doctor and child set out on a journey to find his father. The journey is happening through the contemporary and mysterious path of the terrorist network in the vast country through various Indian states and with many unexpected incidents. ‘The Way Home’ is a film about survival, innocence and humanity, exploring a bloodstained facet of contemporary terrorism in India. The film is a travelogue through the most beautiful landscapes of India.

Dr. Biju Kumar is a homoeopathic medical graduate and a a self-taught filmmaker. Dr. Biju debuted as writer and director with ‘Saira’ (2005) an award winning and internationally recognized film. It was the opening film in the section Tous Les Cinemas Du Monde (Cinema of the World) at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2007 and also participated in 21 other international film festivals across the world. Dr.Biju followed suit writing and directing ‘Raman – Travelogue of Invasion’ (2008) his second feature, a controversial and much debated over socio-political film. ‘Raman’ was officially selected at for the Cairo International Film Festival 2009 in the Incredible India section and also participated in seven international film festivals across the world. ‘The Way Home’ (Veettilekulla Vazhi) is Dr.Biju’s third film.

With: Just That Sort Of A Day
Directed by Abhay Kumar
India, 2011, 14 minutes, English

Disconnected characters each have one of those days that you really can't put a finger on.
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