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T. D. Dasan Std. VI B
T. D. Dasan Std. VI B
T. D. Dasan Std. VI B
T. D. Dasan Std. VI B
T. D. Dasan Std. VI B

Friday, May 6, 2011, Tribeca Theater 2, 3.30 pm,
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T. D. Dasan Std. VI B
Directed by Mohan Raghavan
India, 2010, 98 Minutes, Malayalam (with English subtitles) US Premiere
Cast- Biju Menon, Jagadish, Swetha Menon, Jagathy Sreekumar, Suresh Krishna

T D Dasan (Master Alexander) is a young boy who lives with his mother. His father had left them a few years back. Dasan gets his dad's address from his mother's old trunk box and writes him a letter. Dasan's father had moved out of that address and the letter reaches the current resident Nandakumar Poduval (Biju Menon), an ad film maker who lives with his thirteen year old daughter Ammu (Tina Rose) in Bangalore. Nandan requests Ammu's caretaker Madhavan (Jagadish) to find out the whereabouts of the person and deliver the letter to him. But Madhavan is not that enthusiastic and the letter ends up in the waste bin. Ammu sees this and feels bad about it. She starts writing replies to Dasan, as if they were written to him by his dad. The young boy is excited at the thought of having found his dad, and shares all his feelings and needs with his dad. Ammu prompty replies with pens and other gifts Dasan asked his father.
Mohan Raghavan is a Malayalam film director. He studied at the School of Drama, Thrissur, and in Theatre Arts at Madurai Kamaraj University. Mohan made his mark in the local television industry as an award-winning script writer for serials. Hailing from Thrissur district, the cultural capital of Kerala, Mohan Raghavan is one among those in the domain of visual arts, for whom quality matters than anything else. Ever since his post-graduate studies, Mohan was drawn to the world of cinema. He soon realized it as a medium that suited well for his creative pursuits.

With: Zameer & Preeti: A Love Story
Directed by Rehana Mirza
USA, 2009, 7 minutes, World Premiere

In New Jersey, a Hindu bride about to wed her Muslim groom seems to get a case of cold feet. Will the wedding become just another case of religious conflict?
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