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Thurday, May 5, 2011, Tribeca Theater 1, 3.00 pm,
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Writer \Director - Rahul Prakash
India 2010, 18mins, English
Cast – Akshay Mittal

Diego, a 23 year old lad living in the old colonial suburb of Bandra has found a new vocation. He has placed cameras all over the city, in an attempt to capture fatal accidents which he then uploads onto the internet. Incerto chronicles Diego's hunt for that one great video, his 'Masterpiece' as he attempts to decode the very fibers of probability, uncertainty and chance while doing so.

Director - Sonika Mody
India 2010, 10mins, English
Cast - Salman Khan, Sara Bade, Sunny Tiku, Kaushik Sharma, Devendra Gandhi

At 26 years, Aanya has been through a lot in life. A bad childhood, mediocre student life, failed relationships, a poor job, you name it. She has been through thick & thin without complaints until one day she snaps. She is in a cab when she sees flashes of her life & is utterly disappointed with how things have gone so far. She gets off the cab & meets with a freak accident. And then her entire life and all that it has stood for does a complete about turn. It’s FLIP – time!
Director/Writer: Rohit Tiwari
India 2010, 13min 13sec., Hindi (with English Subtitles)
Cast – Lead: Arhan Wilson

Gaurav is a nine year old, small town kid who lives in a joint family. He has this wish to celebrate the birthday of puppies in his neighborhood. But he and his neighborhood friends don’t have money. Gaurav takes the responsibility to arrange money. When he fails in every attempt to obtain money, he decides to cross the moral barriers and takes a step, which leads him into a big problem. The story tries to explore the social conditions of a patriarchal society through a small incidence.

daily soap
Daily Soap
Director / Writer: Monalisa Banerji
India 2010, 22mins, Hindi (with Subtitles in English)
Cast - Lead: Karan Sharma

Struggling scriptwriter Rajat tells his friend Kamal three stories – about truth - from his childhood. One is of his mother disrobing; the other, of his father’s flirtations with the maid and the third, about his girlfriend’s complex about her ass. In all the three cases, he had told the truth – he liked his mother’s nudity, he loved his father’s looseness, and he admired the maid’s ass more than his girlfriend’s. All he got in return were slaps. Kamal laughs at his tales and leaves. Rajat makes an unusual discovery – he sees people in real life who resemble his fictional characters!

Director & Writer: Preeti Aneja
India 2010, 20min 24sec., Haryanvi / Hindi (with English subtitles)
Cast - Anil Mange, Princee Sudhakar

In a small northern Indian village in Haryana, a woman must stand up against a barbaric patriarchal tradition where transgressors are humiliated by being doused with ‘Kala Pane’ or black water as a mark of public shaming.

uss paar
Uss Paar
Uss Paar
Arati Kadav
India, 13Minutes, Hindi (with English subtitles)
Crew - Jackie Shroff, Ovi Dixit

Its Ganesh Festival time and Mukta wants her sculptor father to make another Ganesh idol for her. She has picked river side mud and she wants to fulfill her part of the custom by providing the sacred mud to her father. However the father has migrated to Mumbai as a taxi driver.

She meets an old railway TT (Kishen) who embarks on train journey to Mumbai every day. Kishen has his own demons and has stopped believing in happy endings. Between hope and despair, where would the balance tilt? What is the significance of that mud for Mukta, for her father and for Kishen? This the girl doesn't know. All she can do is hope and wait for her father - who lives on the other end of the tracks.
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