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Friday, May 6, 2011, Tribeca Theater 2, 9.30 pm,
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Directed By Siddhartha Anand Kumar
India, 2010, 116 Minutes, Hindi & Tibetan (with English Subtitles), New York Premere
Cast- Tenzin Youden, Tenzin Choeden

One man’s search for truth on a journey across the Himalayas.
Tenzin is a Tibetan born and raised in India. Yearning to explore his true homeland, he impulsively hops on his motorcycle and embarks on a personal quest: to find his identity and discover the indescribable beauty and wonders of his magnificent homeland. But Tibet is a nation under siege from a repressive regime. While Tenzin encounters friendship, camaraderie and even love along the way, he cannot escape the horrors of a political world he wants no part of. Looking only for the way to peace, both within himself and for the land he loves, Tenzin must find the courage to pursue the truth even if it means facing terrible dangers, to find his Semshook.

Siddharth Anand Kumar always wanted to direct movies. He studied filmmaking at Hampshire College in the US, completing a thesis film based on T.S. Elliot´s ‘The Wasteland’. Living in India since 1998, he has worked as an editor, cinematographer, writer and director. His first film Let´s Enjoy released in 2004. He has since helmed various TV shows such as ‘Left Right Left’, ‘Champ’, ‘Love Story’ for major Indian broadcasters.

With: Notes of Silence
Directed by Mrinalini DS
India, 2010, 12 minutes, New York Premiere

‘Notes of Silence’ is the story of an 18 year old deaf mute girl whose dream is to play the guitar. Being differently able does not stop one from dreaming dreams that are any less beautiful, because that is the one place which embraces equality in the truest sense of the word. Sophie is determined to learn to play come what may, and ‘Notes of Silence’ is a peek into one of her life chapters. Why she wants to play and how she translates her dream into reality forms the basis for this 12 minute narrative.
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