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New York Indian film fest getting bigger, better
Apr 4, 2011
Mumbai, April 4, 2011 (Washington Bangla Radio / Kreation Guru) This year the gracious New York Indian Film Festival (NYIFF) featuring independent Indian as well as films of Diaspora will be not only much bigger but also better and even more thrilling than before. This could efficaciously turn into an Indian counterpart to dazzling Sundance.  This grand function will be held in spring rather than winter. It will be mostly blooming in May 2011 and is bound to offer an incredible action not only from inside but also outside this magnificent theatre as mentioned in an interview to IANS by Shivdasani Arooon who is novel creator as well as executive director of IAAC which supremely stands for Indo American Arts Council at New York.    

She added that they desired to add a bazaar of film, develop festival to the complete screening week and even incorporate panels, awards, international interests as well as special events. They want to make it truly the festival of independent Indian as well as films of Diaspora especially for monumental subcontinent of India. Shivdasani had structured first Indian film festival outstandingly in US way back in 2001 instantly after profound 9/11.          

The film festival that is will be organized 4th to 8th of May its 11th Annual Edition will be held in Manhattan. This marvelous event on its initiating night will present Disney's prime live action film of India `Do Dooni Char' which casts Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, the great couple actors of Bollywood as lead roles.  The prestigious theatre of Paris in New York will host red carpet that will be studded with top stars on 4th of May with Habib Faisal's directional film which will be the first live packed movie to hit studios at Hollywood.

She further said that the celebrations of for closing will impressively coincide with birthday of Rabindranath Tagore and hence they will feature an enjoyable rendition of Rabindra sangeet of the national anthem of India as well as a film of Tagore `Noukadubi' by Rituparno Ghosh which will be just before exciting ceremony of presenting awards.

She has inevitably conceived this festival as a supreme response to the Mayor Giuliani Rudy's call to people of New York to assist a city to get back its action after a devastating 9/11.  She added that though it all started comprising 12 Diaspora films of India in only one theater but today they possess a delightful festival of five days integrated with galas of red carpet with an incredibly more than 55 incorporation of features, shorts, documentaries, panels of industry, events that are special, ceremony of awards, with tonnes of attention from media and eventually audiences that are packed.

Apart, there will be a festival of music, annual festival of dance, etc. which have hypnotized New York Times reviews. IAAC will also host an annual art exhibition of traveling which will sport the art of Diaspora at east coast galleries and museums. At present, Shivdasani is quite influential with innumerable causes of charity including auction of celebrity with Hillary Clinton at Christie.   

New York Indian Film Festival
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