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Made In India
May 7, 2011

NYIFFThe outsourcing of “surrogate” motherhood to India is part of the recent growth in medical tourism around the world, driven largely by Americans seeking alternatives to their own health care system.

“Made In India” is an award winning, feature length documentary — produced and directed by Rebecca Haimowitz and Vaishali Sinha. The film explores the subject of surrogacy through the experience of an American couple that hires an Indian woman to carry their baby.

NYIFFWhile presenting “Made In India” at the New York Indian Film Festival, the filmmakers said they were feminists, who had an interest in reproductive rights, but added that their perspective on this project was not one of “promoting” or “condemning” surrogacy. Instead they wanted to share a “complicated story.”

The focus of the documentary is on the “transactional” aspects of surrogacy. Ms. Haimowitz commented that no matter how educated or empowered someone is, “we all negotiate life.” The filmmakers recognize the moral questions surrounding surrogate motherhood, and hope that others will explore the subject from those perspectives.

Even trying to remain neutral, the film does reveal some of the collateral damage that can be wrought when strong willed individuals pursue their ‘dreams’ (of having a baby) on their own terms.


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